Start up in Bishopville… with our help

We are looking for business owners who want to take advantage of an opportunity to locate in downtown Bishopville in a favorable environment for a startup business or one looking to relocate or expand.

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We will offer the business owner the following

  • A refurbished/renovated building compatible with the business that will be located there;
  • A competitive “rent to own” contract allowing the business owner up to 5 years to own their business outright;
  • A differential “rent to own” rate between retail space and storage/office space;
  • Support of a formalized, ongoing marketing plan and implementation by a professional marketing firm for the downtown businesses with an emphasis on the new businesses; and
  • Support of the Greater Bishopville, Inc. Board of Directors which is comprised of a diverse group of private citizens committed to making Bishopville successful.

We also expect a level of commitment from the business owner to include

  • Development of a sound business plan submitted to the Greater Bishopville, Inc. Board of Directors;
  • Specific and detailed communication with the Property Acquisition and Business Recruitment Committee chairmen to ensure succinct and clear communication regarding the expectations for all parties;
  • Maintenance of a viable, ongoing business presence in downtown Bishopville;
  • Fulfillment of all elements of the contract between the business owner and Greater Bishopville, Inc.