Greater Bishopville, Inc. Looking to the Future Through Partnerships

While Greater Bishopville is proud of the community’s past, we are looking to the future. Read about our project in the Lee Magazine article that was published in April 2017. We have purchased and are renovating properties for businesses to locate and support our local economy. Currently, we have three businesses scheduled to open by July 1, 2017. One is The Swamp Log, an artisan’s gallery featuring beautiful handcrafted products made from virgin cypress harvested from South Carolina’s rivers. A local bakery, Get Down Pound, is locating in our downtown area and will offer its delicious cakes, pies, and pastries for its patrons. 96 District Fabrics is our third business partner scheduled to open midsummer, and the building where 96 District Fabrics will be located is currently under renovation. 96 District Fabrics strives to provide historically accurate fabrics, patterns, and sewing accessories to re-enactors and living historians from medieval times through the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Greater Bishopville Board is actively interviewing and recruiting additional businesses for the remaining properties. Greater Bishopville also supports its existing businesses through the publication of materials, feature articles on the significance of shopping local, and through collaboration with the Lee County Chamber of Commerce.

Greater Bishopville, Inc. has a highly focused mission to support our community, and we have adopted the proactive approach of “Why not Bishopville–we have History, Heritage, and Home!”

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Greater Bishopville welcomes THE SWAMP LOG Artisans Gallery!

People & Places, August 18, 2017

Greater Bishopville currently renovating downtown area

Lee Magazine, April 2017