Greater Bishopville, Inc. Mission Statement and Goals


Stabilize the decline in the physical condition of Downtown Bishopville, refurbish several buildings for small business recruitment and market new and existing businesses to revitalize the Downtown Bishopville shopping district.



  1. Purchase and refurbish approximately six downtown properties/buildings which are currently unoccupied.
  2. Identify and recruit six businesses which would fit the new “norm” of a viable small town business district, related to the areas of trade craft, specialty or food.
  3. Provide economic incentives to help start-ups get their business off the ground while requiring these individuals to demonstrate a true desire to succeed through a personal investment in this opportunity.
  4. Develop a Master Marketing Plan for both new and existing businesses as well as the tourist attractions available in the Bishopville and greater Lee County community to encourage locals and visitors to patronize local establishments.

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