Executive Summary Year One-2016

Greater Bishopville, Inc. held its first organizational meeting in July 2015 with a group of approximately 30 community individuals who had been invited to participate in identifying a project that would have a positive impact on the City of Bishopville.
During the next few months, the meetings continued, and the core group of individuals who were committed to the project continued to meet and develop the focus of the project.
As of the compilation of this Executive Summary, the following actions have been completed:

  1. The organization has been officially organized under the Internal Revenue Code and designated as a 501(c) 3.
  2. An eleven-member Board of Directors has been named, officers have been elected, and banking accounts have been established to manage funds effectively.
  3. Regular meetings have been held with a majority of the Board attending all meetings.
  4. A mission statement, goals, and bylaws were developed to guide the group.
  5. Committees have been identified and are working in the following areas: Business Recruitment, Property Acquisition, and Marketing. Each of these committees is active, and each has worked to complete “deliverables.”
  6. A small group of members met with the Downtown Development Coordinator for Florence, SC to discuss how Florence had started their comprehensive downtown development project and to identify best practices.
  7. The organization has purchased two properties as of July 2016, and there is a pending contract on a third property.
  8. Removal of debris and building renovation preparation has begun on one building that represented one of the most dilapidated buildings on Main Street. (See Appendix A)
  9. The second building that was purchased will need only minor updating for an occupant, and this is being completed. (See Appendix B) 1
  10. Three business plans have been submitted by potential tenants for the buildings, and these are being reviewed for consideration to ensure an appropriate fit between the tenant and the mission of Greater Bishopville, Inc. 1
  11. The Board of Directors individually have identified potential tenants and businesses for consideration and presented ideas at each meeting. 1
  12. A brochure, “Spend Some Time in Bishopville,” was developed and published by the Marketing Committee to market existing businesses and locales. These were placed in various locations throughout the city. The Chamber of Commerce has distributed the brochure to other organizations as well. (See Appendix C) 1
  13. A logo was designed to brand the project. (See Appendix D) Signage with the logo was developed to place at each property location to communicate the message of a “greater” Bishopville. 1
  14. Liability and property insurance coverage has been purchased on each property to protect the assets of the organization. 1
  15. Funds were leveraged with the “Link,” a local economic development entity to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for Greater Bishopville, Inc.

The commitment and enthusiasm of the Board of Directors are evidenced by the attendance at meetings, level of participation in committees, and the diversity of the ideas being brought forth for consideration.

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