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Greater Bishopville, Inc.—An Exceptional Opportunity for Persons Seeking a Supportive Business Environment

Greater Bishopville is seeking business-minded individuals who would like to take advantage of a very unique and exceptional opportunity to start up a new business, expand a business, or relocate an existing business.  Greater Bishopville is specifically seeking individuals who fit the new “norm” of a viable small town business district related to the areas of trade, craft, specialty or food.   Greater Bishopville is organized and positioned in such a manner that many of the time-consuming, day-to-day details and initial overhead expense of getting a property ready for a new business are handled by Greater Bishopville.  This will help the business owner focus on the operations of the business.     Greater Bishopville is also open to supporting businesses that address agreed upon gaps in the delivery of goods and services as identified by the marketing study that was conducted.  Greater Bishopville has developed an aggressive and comprehensive marketing plan to support the business environment.

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Greater Bishopville, Inc. is a private, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with a mission to stabilize and reverse the decline in the physical condition of Downtown Bishopville, South Carolina; refurbish several buildings for small business recruitment; and market new and existing businesses to revitalize the Downtown Bishopville shopping district.

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